Every small business owner is on a journey.

It starts with your great idea, grows with your hard work and energy, and ends with…

If you can’t finish that sentence with clarity, you’re definitely not alone. Every journey has an end, whether you define it and work diligently to get there, or whether it seems like the rest of the world has a bigger say in where you go—and where you’re eventually going to end up.

Most people start a business because they have skills and ideas, and they need a job. Yours is a great idea, you’re great at what you do, and you know how to work hard. Very hard. Of course, a dream for any small business includes hard work. Few entrepreneurs are so naïve that they don’t understand that long, difficult days are part of the deal. But without clear goal setting, some careful planning, and some relatively complex work to stay on the path you’ve defined, the journey can become a long slog of extremely hard work and missed expectations.

Every business is unique, but most business processes aren’t.

We can work together to clearly define your goals, and then put together a plan that rationally and logically will get you to the place where you really wanted to end up right from the beginning. A plan that shows you where you’re off track, so that you can put in the energy and hard work to get back on plan. So you can achieve your goals.

Set goals, then plan, then execute the plan, then succeed.

I’m Mark Mahan, and I help small business managers take control of their businesses and their lives.