Wise managers know their limitations and surround themselves with people who have complementary strengths.

You, the Business Owner: You are the tribal knowledge expert. You know your products and your customers inside and out.

Me, the Consultant: I know a bit about your subject. OK, maybe I know almost nothing about your subject (which is euphemistically, and sometimes with some credibility, called a “fresh perspective”). But I do know a fair amount about your challenges, because I’ve seen them in a dozen other contexts. Probably not exactly in your situation, but pretty close. And I was raised in a corporation so I know a lot about business management processes.

So what can we do together?

I’m confident that we can find great answers collaboratively at the intersection of our respective areas of expertise.

The keys are collaboration and judgment.

We can be successful if we integrate our respective knowledge (and all other applicable knowledge that we can take advantage of) to come up with new and better approaches. We can be successful if my perspectives and insights constructively disrupt your business processes and send us off in a new direction that, together, we know is going to work better for your business.

I’d love to have the opportunity to be your guide to step through a process so that we can organize your world and create order. Let’s clarify and align your objectives, figure out what has to be done to meet your company’s objectives, create plans that you and your organization can follow, set up measurement systems so that you know if you’re on track and clarify ownership of issues when you aren’t, and then go to work on the hard problems.

My goal is to become a valuable member of your management team—to bring you a new perspective, a process for bringing order, and ultimately to help you make your business work.