Does any of this sound familiar?

You have a great idea and a great business model, but you’re not sure what to do next.

Behind every great business is a rock solid plan.  What does yours look like?  Let’s take a look at it and do some hard work to honestly determine the good, the bad, and the missing.  Then let’s fix it.

Your business partner and you can’t seem to agree on what direction your business should take, and it’s getting harder and harder to talk about it, much less come to a conclusion.

I can help you start and stay in that tough conversation, to find out where the areas of agreement and disagreement are, and to make sure you develop answers that work for both of you.

You spend a lot of time creating financial plans every year, and they’re always so inaccurate it seems like a waste of time.

You have to treat your financial plan like a roadmap instead of a Ouija board. That’s not easy to do, especially if the plan is more hope than projected reality.  Managing to financial goals is difficult and disruptive to the status quo.  We can put together a solid, reality-based plan and then create a process where it becomes a critical part of running your business.

Sometimes it seems there’s not enough business, and sometimes there seems to be too much. It’s really hard to stay profitable in either situation.

It’s really difficult to size a small business operation to make a profit, especially when your sales are unpredictable and volatile.  It’s even harder to lay valuable employees off when sales drop.  We can work on strategies to match sales and operations in a way that puts you back in control.

You’ve grown a business and created something valuable, but you can’t do this forever, and you’re not sure you’re going to have enough to retire on.

Whether it’s planned or not, you aren’t going to run your business indefinitely.  We can define some clear goals for you, your employees, and your customers, then develop an exit strategy so that you decide what happens when it’s time to move on.

It’s getting harder and harder time reaching sales goals even though your customers have always loved your great products and services.

Let’s take a hard look at what you’re doing and how your selling it, then figure out what’s going on.  Once we do that, we can figure out what tough steps need to be taken to get your business back on track.

You have some good new ideas, but you just can’t seem to get your staff engaged in making the changes.

Delegation is both an art and a science, and even the simplest change can be daunting to some people.  After we take a systems view of what’s going on in your organization, we can create strategies and create “change plans” that will be implemented and that will stick.

Running this business seems to just be crisis after crisis.  It’s getting to be harder work all the time, and there’s rarely a day off.  The infrastructure has grown as planned, but the business hasn’t.  Financial goals are out the window, and it’s not clear what you can do.

We can figure out how to get you working on your business, rather than just in your business.  Goal setting, planning, effective delegation, and a myriad of other business management basics can get you back to where you need to be.

So what isn’t working in your business, and how can I help you?  Let’s talk about it and figure out what makes sense.