Case Study 1

“Prior to working with Mark, we were performing well as individuals but weren’t growing as a business. We envisioned a unique working model for happy, inc. but didn’t understand how standard business practices could be applied to stimulate growth or even what growth meant for us. Thanks to his assistance, we’ve made awesome progress in a surprisingly short time, and we have a long-term plan in place now. We really feel that Mark is interested in our business model and is personally invested in our success.

Catherine Veraghen & Wes Evans
happy, inc.

Case Study 2

Situation: In 2008 The Other Firm was a fledgling company that had begun to see some growth and success in its market. Ty Montgomery contracted with Mark to help put together a foundation for the business consisting of mid-term organizational and financial goals, high level 10 year financial and staffing plans, a complete business plan, key HR documentation, and a detailed yearly financial plan. Since then Mark has been involved in key decisions in all areas of the development of the company. The Other Firm is now solidly on a managed growth path and driving key business decisions based on a well-designed planning and review process.

“Mark has been a key factor in our company’s ongoing success. His advice and contributions have provided us with well-considered and actionable improvements in financial forecasting and management, human resources, operational processes and more. His integrity, humor and deep business experience make the hard work enjoyable and we’re better than ever with his help.”

Ty Montgomery
Managing Director
The Other Firm, LLC

Case Study 3

Situation: Kevin Howard had an idea that would revolutionize product shipping and localization for the worldwide $1B+ small office printer business. Implementation would save over $5M per month in shipping and damage costs. The project was organizationally complex and suffering from a lack of focused project management attention. Mark was assigned responsibility for coordinating four separate organizations around the world, including the design, implementation, and operation of package localization processes in shipping facilities that had never attempted a manufacturing-type operation. The entire system was operational within 9 months and meeting all operational and cost saving objectives.

“Prior to Mark becoming the Manager of Packaging Engineering, he was appointed as project leader for HP’s first foray into packaging and product differentiation postponement. Mark’s leadership directly contributed to resolving several initial issues which stymied the previous manager. His pragmatic approach to resolving complex issues is based on his combination of analytical sensibilities, flexibility, and a keen eye towards economy. As a result, this project was a huge success from the beginning, profiled in a number of magazine articles and business text books as the largest documented cost savings in the history of packaging. I felt incredibly fortunate to have Mark in our small team of engineers to help lead a change that went on to effect virtually every high volume product line at HP.”

Kevin Howard
Senior Packaging Engineer
Hewlett-Packard Co.

Case Study 4

Situation: HP had started several programs designed to establish the HP brand in targeted markets where there was a high potential for growth of printing. Mark was assigned the responsibility to develop an “HP presence” in scrapbooking. The solution involved the development of crafting software, forming industry alliances, and creating a website that promoted opportunities and ideas in using computer printing. The relationship with EDGE Design to develop the website, including regularly refreshed content was key to the success of the scrapbooking program. Customer reaction to the website was excellent, exceeding our expectations for web metrics performance.

“Mark contracted with EDGE Design to produce content for the HP scrapbooking site and create packaging, a tutorial, animated tips, and documentation for the scrapbooking software. Throughout our 18-month agency relationship, Mark demonstrated smart strategic planning, effective leadership, and a commitment to creating value for the end users and his business group. Plus, he’s fun to work with!”

Lainie Turner
Account Manager
EDGE Design

Case Study 5

Situation: Planet Productions was an established 17 year old company that had seen success in the e-learning development market, but had been unable to develop sustained growth and was at the time struggling with the downturn in the economy. Mark was hired to help the management team add structure to business decisions and to help the company make some changes that would help it be more responsive to the realities of the way the market was evolving. In addition to providing assistance with strategic decision making, Mark implemented several initiatives, including sales tracking tools, a sales funnel analysis process with goals for each level, a first phase strategic sales and marketing plan, tools for projecting meaningful financial performance, and market analysis to determine, historically, the most lucrative market segments.

“Mark Mahan has been working with my firm since June of 2008. He has been consulting with both our sales team and our management team on a weekly basis. Mark is not the first business consultant we have engaged but his is the longest tenure. Our business focus has always been on results and Mark has become an important asset for us as we attempt to maneuver and grow our company in these current economic times.

Mark brought experience from both his large-corporate management background and from his work with small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups.

This combination of experiences has proven very valuable to us. Our company markets almost exclusively to large corporations. However, we are a very small business ourselves. Having insight into both cultures, Mark has been able to help us better understand how to talk to the big guys while still being able to understand, relate and contribute to the daily issues that face a small business such as ours.

Mark has been a perfect fit for us. I would highly recommend Mark to any company that is working towards improving their sales and operations business units.”

Dean McCrea
Vice-President, Sales & Marketing